Carbotech TT-Disk

The best way to compete  in the race against the clock

The all new TT Disk, the ultimate TT wheel with Carbotech standards.
This newly designed TT wheel has all high tech features which are feature in the other products as well. The wheel is made completely of Marble carbon fibre, making it extremely stiff. Thanks to this Marble carbon fibre it was possible to create in the profile of the wheel 4 “wings” on each side, to help improve the aerodynamics of the disk beyond any other disk.
All in all this definitely is a true “piece de resistance” in our range, the ultimate wheel for each timetrail- and triathlonspecialist!

- full carbon wheel, made from Marble fibre
- Industrial bearings
- suitable for tubular tires
- comes standard with quick releases and brakepads
- weight : 1280 grams

TT Disk