Carbotech T38 Light

Specially for the weightweenies!

The lightweight version of the T38 Standard.
This set is the weapon of choice for those who like the T38`s characteristics but would prefer to swap the increased resistance to impacts for a lighter rim. This set also does not have the Marble structure but has a regular 3K woven rim, however the wheel has been constructed in such a way that the wheel needs less fibres then the ordinary wheel. This results in a 90 grams lower weight, but still stunning wheelset. Due to the lower weight this set less suited for Cyclocross use.

- black bladed spokes ( Pillar, 20 front / 24 rear )
- full carbon rim , 38mm deep
- Industrial bearings (4x rear / 2x front)
- suitable for tubular tires
- comes standard with spare spokes, quick releases and brakepads
- weight : 1469 grams / pair

T38 Light