Carbotech T52 Light

The lightweight fullbred

Of course we could not do without the light model of the T52 Standard, since light is what you can call it at a mere 1465 grams on the scale.
Also in this pair the Carbotech Power hubset is to be found, running on ceramic bearings. The 3K carbon finish combined with the Carbotech lacing pattern with black bladed spokes gives this lightweight set a calm and classic look, however in performance it is years ahead!

- black bladed spokes ( Pillar, 20 front / 24 rear )
- full carbon rim , 52mm deep
- Industrial bearings (4x rear / 2x front)
- suitable for tubular tires
- comes standard with spare spokes, quick releases and brakepads
- weight : 1465 grams / pair

T52 Light